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Sunday, March 4, 2018

An app to improve android battery life: Toggle Track android app.

We all know GPS is turned on when using apps like Uber, Ola ,Lyft, Google Maps,etc.
But did you know there's something called as WiFi Scanning on your android devices?
Yes, that's right its hidden in WiFi settings in older devices. While on newer android versions its in location settings.
Let's see what this WiFi scanning is. When apps use GPS they turn on WiFi scanning to scan for nearby WiFi to get a more accurate location. That's how Maps, Uber, etc are able to get accurate locations. But sadly when you exit the app, they do not switch OFF the GPS and WiFi scanning. Although few may notice GPS being on, and toggle it OFF, there's a catch here. This only switches OFF the GPS and not WiFi scanning. Your status bar toggle icon can tell you about GPS state. Worst part is there's no toggle or app to indicate if WiFi scanning is on.
Scanning options

Imagine the whole day, our phone is scanning for WiFi networks without your notice. That's a decrease on the battery life, isn't it. Yes, its a serious issue, if you have a old phone with less battery capacity.

Toggle Track Image

Now here comes Toggle Track, which helps you save battery life by notifying the user if GPS or WiFi scanning of left on. And best part is it does it right. It has clean interface being in its initial stages. It has cool additions like, Pie Charts for duration of ON and number of times GPS/WiFi scanning was ON. Although there's room for improvement. It does the job, and never misses.

Toggle Track Notification
Toggle Track Main Page

XDA Link:

Its available on the play store and free to download.
Go ahead and try the app: Play Store Link
Let me what you think.