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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Three Ways to Avoid an EMF Protection Scam

Originally written as an SEO article for I’m Write. It was published under the name Isa Maiolo. This letter of confirmation is proof that I was the original author.

The internet is swarming with people who want to scare, trick, or fool you into paying lots of money for a dud. In our wireless society, the latest bait skewered on the end of the scammer’s line is EMF protection. EMF, or electromagnetic frequencies, are produced by electrical devices and are constantly passing through us. While some devices do work, many are just expensive (and useless) decorations. Here are three ways to avoid being taken in by EMF protection scams.

1. Get the facts

We have always been surrounded by electromagnetic radiation and always will be—at least until the sun dies 6 billion years from now. Anything that you plug into a wall generates EMF, in the form of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) emissions. EMF can cause weak electric currents to flow through us. These are low currents and there continues to be a medical debate on just how much interfere these emissions have with the body’s functions “Dirty electricity” is another favourite buzzword. This is when electricity becomes contaminated with invisible “micro-surges of dangerous radio frequency and other electromagnetic contaminants (sic),” as one EMF protection company states. Dirty electricity does exist. Low-level electrical noise exists in all electrical wiring In fact, a study by Health Canada found that “dirty electricity filters” may increase the dirty electricity in the current.

2. Beware of pendants and other similar items

Electromagnetic frequencies travel in waves. Wearing a pendant on your neck is not going to magically divert all radiation towards it to be absorbed. Take the following analogy: if you hold a solar panel up to your chest and shine a flashlight at it, does it somehow direct all the light away from other parts of your body? No. The only part “protected” from the light is the shadow produced by the solar panel. Even if a pendant somehow was able to soak up radiation, we would have to cover our entire bodies with them to offer any effective protection. If you’re paying $350 for a marble on a rope, you’re being scammed. Another popular item is the EMF protection sticker. Sticking this on the back of a cell phone supposedly absorbs all outgoing and incoming EMF frequencies. However, if you slap the sticker on and still get reception from your phone, then it doesn’t work. You can only block electromagnetic radiation by using a dense material with special characteristics. That’s why your cell phone reception drops in a concrete building or one with an aluminum roof; these materials literally block the electromagnetic waves from reaching your cell phone.

3. Look for proof

The best way to tell if a product offers EMF protection is to find proof that it works. Conveniently, many product sites will say that it’s difficult to accurately measure the efficiency of protection. Instead they’ll rely on a gigantic list of testimonials from “consumers” stating how great their product is. On most websites you’ll also notice a quaint disclaimer at the bottom, stating “the products and/or technologies listed on this website are not FDA-approved and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease. Please consult your physician or health care practitioner for any questions about EMFs and your health.” Very few products offer definitive proof that they work, but some do. Don’t rely on testimonials because anyone can make those up. Instead, look for scientific proof.
We can’t just turn off electricity. Our lives, our society, our world depends on it to keep us connected and living. Anything electrical produces EMF, but not all of it is going to kill you. Nevertheless, small exposure over a long period of time can still be hazardous, so there is no harm in taking precaution. But look for proof. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a very expensive, completely useless fashion accessory and no EMF protection.

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