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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

'Temple Run 2' launching on iPhone and iPad tonight

Temple run launching on ipad and Iphones tonight. As confirmed by touch arcade temple run 2 is already available on New Zealand store will hit the stores worldwide tonight . Sadly it's not yet available on Android devices while it's a big loss for the enthusiastic android fans .
What's the major difference:
All fans don't expect him to fly or shoot or growl cause that's just not there (sadly).
It seems finally the guy in the game seem to have finally some how managed to enter the castle that we see in the story of jack and the bean stalk.No wonder he's being chased by the giant in the similar to the story but here the giant looks kind of out of our imagination(Looks more like the black thing in temple run).Though its good to see him run on over the sky. I wish he'd the ability to run through clouds also.
New features:
This includes the long tutorial which is about 3-4 minutes.
It also has the different type of resurrection through save me before he dies.
The new game features a new kind of power magnet (just a different animation)
Rest all is pretty much the same thing. .!!
For video refer link below! !!